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Hlavní záhlaví Burgh, James, 1714-1775
Název The Art of speaking Containing I. an Essay, In which are given Rules for expressing proprely the principal Passion and Humours , which occurt in Reading or public Speaking, and II. Lessons Taken from the Antiens and Moderns ( with Additions and Alterations where thought useful) exhibiting a Vriety of Matter for Practice the empahtical Words printed in Italics with notes of Direction reffering to the Essey. To which are added a teble of the Lessons and an index of the various passions and humours in the Essay and Lessons by / James Burgh
Nakl. údaje Dublin : Printed for Messrs. Price Whitestone Wilkinson, Chamberlaine, 1779
Popis (rozsah) 308, [20] s.

Další původce Wilkinson, Price Whitestone

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